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I ordered the lavender whip and I love it! The texture is very smooth and easily blends into my sensitive skin without being greasy. I can use it for a number of things including the removal of old scars and marks. I am excited about trying new products and scents from this company. Kudos on making such a natural and effective product!!​ - S. Scott

I am a die hard fan of Whipfinity. I use it on my lips, nail cuticles, skin (moisturize) and last but not least, my hair. A small amount goes a Long way in adding shine and overall polished look. I also use it to tame my daughter and several of my nieces UNRULY hair!#whipfan#folife - L. White

Whipfinity is wonderful and my hair has grown so much. I started using in the summer months going au natural and now with the cooler weather I'm using it with a flat iron. My hair has a nice soft feel and a great shine. Thanks, I'll be ordering more in the sample pack and sending some to friends. - M. Pierce 

Hello Fayla! I love your product! It has been a miracle for my and my teenage son's eczema. Whipfinity is the ONLY product that works on our eczema. Our skin practically glows. My skin and hair has never been this healthy. I just ordered our second order, 2 big jars! Yay! :-) PS....candy cane flavor is my favorite!! I love it. :-) - Mrs. C

​Oh Whipfinity how I have missed thee! silly me went ahead and tried another company's hair food. it was marketed as Eucalyptus Conditioning Butter. My first reaction was "where the heck was the mint". I emailed seller that she forgot to put the eucalyptus oil in my batch (i had already added my one Lavender and Rosemary oils). she sent me another one. Same thing. It did nothing to nourish or condition my hair. Needless to say I am back on the Whipfinity train and will NEVER cheat again! - Savvy Sammy

Great for hair growth! - A. Howard 

I have been using Whipfinity for 2 years or more and I just love how it makes my hair look and feel. keep up the good work friends love all yall :) - J. Holmes

Hi Fay! I tell everybody about your WHIPFINITY PRODUCT and I use it faithfully! My jar is getting low so another order will be placed soon! - SugaBear

Love love love this product. I use it almost daily since I started using it. I love how it makes my hair feel. I have really tight curls (4c if using the curl stereos) and and keeping moisture is always top of my list. I just ordered my second large jar. Can't wait!!! - Tai

Nothing like Whipfinity i have been using it for about 7 months now and there is nothing like it my hair feels so healthy. i still have a perm but it so nice to put the whip on it after i get done with my perm so shiney and smooth th.anks keep up the good work ;) - Ms. Jojo

I attended the Celebration of Curls event and recieved a goodie bag which had your Whipfinity in it. Now I have been having a problem with oils on my scalp causing me to have some sort of itchy reaction I tried the free sample of Whipfinity from my goodie bag and it was like the gates of hair and scalp heaven opened up the itching was gone and it left my scalp feeling cool I don't know if it was some sort of mint or menthal but it did the trick. You have a buyer in me. - Desiree

I have been a Whipfinity fan for over a year. I know they are just scents, but the candycane scented Whipfinity grew my hair almost 3 inches in 3 lie!!!!!! my hair had just grew to my nape and STOPPED! For 3 months, i tried everything to stimulate growth and keep moisture in my hair and nothing. ordered Whipfinity, trimmed my ends a bit ( with a lot of resistance...I just didnt want to lose what little length i had!) and started a simple routine of pre-pooing with coconut oil,light shampoo,deep condition, little leave in and Whipfinity. didnt think anything would happen BUT let me tell you,my hair has never looked OR felt better! Aside from my personal growth, the softness,moisture, and the shine that Whipfinity gives me is incomparable to anything i have ever tried (and im a product junkie! 9 months clean! HA) I stan for very few things in life but I STAN for that candycane Whipfinity. My hair truly thanks its hair God for your creation! - Shalique

LOVE LOVE this product,now my teenage son is hooked-on it... :)))... - R. Williams 

Heyyy FayFay!! As I told you, I ordered the Candy Cane and was extremely impressed with how quickly I received it. And when I put it on my hair...OMG!, it was like I'd been given a new head of lie. When I undid my twists, such definition!! You've got a life long customer here!! - MzWhang


​I ordered Whipfinity because I keep hearing about it on I used it for my hair once (when I straightened it) and it was great. However, I have very dry, acne-prone skin and your product has done wonders. I got the sampler and gave the candy cane one to my boyfriend since he is balding. He only uses it on his eczema! wtf! We love it on our skin!! - Danielle

I got a sample from pink box i love it i would love to order some more - Mona

I must say I love Whipfinity. It keeps my hair moisturized. Any time I am on a natural hair page on facebook and they ask what you use for a moisturizer I always give Whipfinity a shout out. I love your product and I also love the advice you give. - A. Williams ​​

This is like my 5th order of Whipfinity! I love it! I don't use anything else on my hair or skin. It has also grew my daughter's hair at least 4 inches since I've started using last spring. This product is the shizzzznit!!! LOL! - Chibytex

I absolutely salute Whipfinity. It works overtime in my home. Hubby uses it on his ashy elbows and knees. I use it on my hair, skin, cuticles. But the major plus is my 14mth old daughter's Execema. Her skin loves it and drinks it up. Thank you so much Fayla for this ingeniuos product. dont ever change/tweak the recipe because it WORKS WONDERS. - Samantha A.

Fay, I had tried EVERYTHING the Dr prescribed for my daughter's eczema and NOTHING did it like the whip! I really love it! Thanks a million!!!! - Angiegirl​

On my second jar of Whipfinity and I really love this stuff. It has cleared my boyfriend's ezcema up and it is doing wonders for my hair. Keep up the great work Fayla!! - Blackswan

Fayla, thank you so much for this product. Whipfinity has revived my daughter's hair. I use it as a heat protectant when I'm flatironing her hair, and it leaves her hair with this incredible shine and bounce! I love, love, love this product and have recommended it to many of my friends and family. Thanks again and keep up the good work! - Monique

I just received my Whipfinty and am so very excited. My life and skin just are not the same without my Whipfinity. My skin is very dry and my hair is lifeless without it. So I thank you and my skin and hair thank you too! - S.

​I have extremely dry, itchy skin and nothing moisturizes my skin like whipfinity and it stays moisturized all day. The candy cane scent is aromatherapy for me, I love it. This product has been a blessing for me. - Che

Hey Hun, I'm about to place my second order. I can't wait. I have run into several attempts of people trying to steal my Whipfinity. I was natural until January this year and I have chopped my hair off again and I'm going back to being natural. Whip is all that my hair likes. I will show you progress. This is the best product EVER!!! - Gypsy

I'm back lol!, I received my citrus Whipfinity in the mail on a thursday, very fast service, and I must say I love it! I have only used it once, on my scalp and to do a blow out, but I can tell a big difference, seriously! A little is all you need!! I plan on placing my second order next week! I will definitely spread the word to all my friends about your wonderful product!! - Chenita

Love, love, love this product as a body butter and as a part of my hair regime. I use it on my 10 month old nieces eczema in the creade of her elbow and on her stomach. I gave my sister some to use on my 2 year old nieces hair, which is thick and kinky, sooooo easy to handle when Whipfinity is applied immediately after shampooing and conditioning! Needless to say, my sister is a fan as well as her best friend. Now, if I could just get tgem to purchase their own and stay out of mine. - L. White 

I just placed my second order!! I have NEVER finished a product, I have many that I rotate but this one is a MUST!! - Yardgirl

Whipfinity made my facial scars practically disappear! Great product!!! - Anonymous

I finally ordered my Whipfinity and wish I had ordered it sooner! It's a must have for healthy hair and skin care in one product. Great job Mrs. & Mr. Fayla!! - Lola

I love Whipfinity. I have tried several scents and have loved all of them. I use it on both my hair and body. I bought my sister a sample jar and now she won't stop asking me to order her a large (as if she can't order her own, lol). So glad I found this product! -Tracey

Hey, this is the best hair care ever made I know for a fact that my hair had grown 4 inches since beginning to use it. My sister and I call it hair crack - LaTisha

Hi!!! I just placed my 4th order and had to share - I think I'm whipped!!! My hair has never been so healthy!! My 14 year old constantly steals my jar, I use it on my 2 year old and had to buy my mom her own jar!!! I'm due for a touch up but I washed my hair and put whip in it. Wore it in a ponytail for a day or two to dry, took it hair flat ironed with no problem and wasn't dry and brittle... I've thrown all other hair products out and declared my house a WHIPFINITY only zone!!! My daughter has a patch of hair she's pulled since she was a baby that has never grown, it's grown almost 3 inches!!! I absolutely love your product!!! - LaBella Gemini 

Hey Fay-Fay, just wanted to show some love. Just ordered my second jar of Whipfinity, had to get the 8oz this time!!!! - O'Honey

Hey boo just stopping by to say I got my Whip and to say it is a hair saver is a understatment. You are truly a blessed and aspiring individual. I have been letting my friends and family know about this awesome product. Stay blessed and continued success - CD Fenty

Hi Fayla, I heard of your product through Sandra Rose me being a long time lurker and all and I am just letting you know I received my Whipfinity on Tuesday after ordering it on Friday and I must say me and my husband love it. I have natural 3c-4a hair and my hair seems to be soaking it up. It has left my twist out so soft and manageable. I will definitly be reordering and next time ordering my husband his own jar. Peace, Love, & Happiness to you and yours - Martesha America-Lee

Hi Fayla, I just wanted to update my post and let you know that I love the citris whipfinity. I really see a difference in the texture of my hair and skin. It really does fade marks. My 4 year old son loves it when I put in in his hair. When I put it on his body he said wait a minute that for hair. But,. he loves how soft it makes his skin feel and iI tell him he smells so good and feels so soft like a new baby. I will be ordering candy cane next. Thank you so much again for a wonderful product!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Michele Hawkins Santiago

​Fayla your whipfinity is doing great things for everybody hair in my household. As long as you are making whipfinity i will keep ordering. Your product is awesome and you keep doing your thang! Thank you again and blessings to you! - Kimberly D.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this product!!! I recently BC’d and is constantly on the search for products. That was until I came across this product. I can say enough of about this. I recently placed an order on for my mother; she is so excited about receiving her Whipfinity!! This product should definitely be posted on the website I really can’t say enough about this product!! - Rasheeda

I first tried Whipfinity at the end of a Florida Winter, when my entire family's skin and hair are all a bit parched from humidity withdrawal. This product is good for all the body parts, all the hair (natural, relaxed, bald fades, toddler curls, etc) and works all the time! When I first received the delicious scented Citrus Blossom, I resisted the urge to first try it spread on a piece of pound cake, and tried it on my toddlers "Have you ever met lotion" dry and sensitive skin. The product claims to be gentle and all natural, and passed the patch test! My favorite use is to maintain moisture in my hair- I'll never use any scalp clogging, ill scented, must-first-melt-in-my hand butters, puddings, or oils again! I highly recommend this product to my parched pals of all hair, skin, and body types. - Portia D.

I just recieved my order today, thanks for the extra blessing. What I really like about Whipfinity is that it is made with love, thanks again and God Bless... - Alice

I am totally late on writing a review for this amazing product, but its better late than never! I kept hearing about this product through SR and how wonderful it is, so I had to try it. I had order the citrus blossom, let me just say I have been growing my hair natural for almost 2 years in just a short of amount of time by using this product my hair has grown more than ever! I love the way the butter just glade on to my hair and smoothes it out after shampoo and conditioning my hair. This is definitely a must buy for all women! - MizzDallas

I like to thank the creator and owner of this product, I have no problems with my skin. It's very hard to find a product that is all nature, some claim to be, when you read what's in them you put the product back on the shelf. I love the smell and the feel of this product. It’s clean and does not ware off. Thanks so much for making such a honest product. Clean and natural.. - Theresa

Just wanted to say that I can really, really see the results of using Whipfinity. My hair is much, much stronger and healthier even after its been relaxed. I can wait til my next shipment comes in. - Latrissa

Hey WOMAN! Just wanted to update my review since I have now been using this product for a few months now. I swear by this product and I only have to put it in my hair once a week, when I actually wash my hair. I've noticed if I put it in while my hair is still wet, my hair has a different feel after being dried. LET ME TELL YOU that I will NEVER use another product in my hair as long as you are still making, shipping and handling this product. Thank you for introducing me to WHIPFINITY! Love ya! - Chanelle

Hey lady! I just wanted to leave a review since I've been using Whipfinity for a while now. I love how such a small amount goes a long way! We have three different textures of hair in my home, and it is light enough to not weigh down my youngest daughter's fine hair, yet strong enough to moisturize my oldest daughter's 4C hair! I'm in the middle somewhere and my hair just loves this whip! It works well as a heat protectant from flat ironing as you can see from the pics I sent you! It also works wonders on dry skin. i use it twice daily on my face and a couple spots I had are almost gone. It is also great for sensitive skin, as it is all I use on my daughter's skin who has eczema. Please keep up the good work and don't change a thing! This formula is the truth!!!! My daughters and i thank you! - Sherron

Hi Fayla, I received my order of Whipfinity 2 weeks ago and I can't tell you how great it makes my hair feel. I will be ordering more so I can use it on my body as well. Thank you so much for creating such an amazing product. - Joy

Oh my word! My daughter bought this for me as a gift because I complain about my hands staying so dry all the time. I've used countless hand creams & lotions but always had to reapply more all day since my hands would get dry again. I am so glad to say that even after washing my hands, they are still very soft and not dry. I am a believer in your Whipfinity. - June​

I found Whipfinity via lurking on SR. I just placed my second order. My boyfriend wanted to have his own jar. The cream works wonders for his sensitive skin. This product is very light, incredibly moisturizing and smells wonderful. - Pam

This product is great for moisturizing hair and body! It is also great for chapped lips. Just ordered my second the citrus smell. - Erma

Great product! I love the way it keeps my feet game on point. And I can use the same product on my hair as well. Man this is a one stop shopping place. LOL At first I was a little hesitant on the scent because I thought that people would laugh at my citrus-ness ness lol but the ladies love it and plus its a very lite aroma. Come to think of it you should make candles using this scent. LOL Great job Fayla!!! A satisfied customer. - Marcel Terrell

As a natural I think one of the biggest mistakes that people make is wasting money on unnecessary products. K.I.S.S.(keep it simple...) should be the mantra making this product a must have. It incorporates everything you would need for twistouts, braidouts, etc in one bottle. A little definitely goes a long. In addition I use it as my 'lotion' and it keeps my body moisturized and shiny without being greasy. Get this product. You will not be disappointed. - Joyce

I'm just upset I only ordered a sample n now I'ma have to pay for shipping twice. I bought the sample size first, which turned out to be a bad idea on my part. I call myself being caution about buying too much n then end up not liking it. That's how come I'ma have to pay for shipping twice since I love it so much. - S.M.

I received my order and I must say that I am VERY, VERY happy with the product. I receive so many compliments on the fragrance and I like that it absorbs into the skin without leaving a heavy greasy feel. I plan to order a larger size! - Betty Towner

I was so anxious to order and use this product on my hair because of the ingredients. When I received my jar it looked and smelled like something you could eat for dessert! That was appealing because I've been told before that you should only use products on your hair and skin that you can also ingest (I didn't ingest it though) lol! At any rate, I used this after washing my hair and prior to drying it. I let my hair air dry and needless to say the moisture level in my hair was awesome! It felt so full of life and properly oiled all around. After it dried I flatironed it and it hung so so thick and beautiful. I plan to be a lifetime customer and I'm happy that a little bit goes such a long way! - C. Ross

I am in LOVE with this product!! Not only is it light, it has multiple purposes as well! I love the scent, and my hair has taken on a sheen that I haven't seen before! I use it on my body and it lasts!! I will definitely be recommending Whipfinity to my friends and family and orderin g a larger size! - Alexis

This is like a 3 in 1 product because it detangles, conditions, and makes "hard" hair manageable to soft. It is also non-greasy. Works well on my mature skin. I've used many a product in my days & this is one of the top of the lines without a doubt. I wish you much success & welcome to entrepreneurship. Shalom - C. Knight

OMG! I got my Whipfinity yesterday and I am already in in love with it! I am transitioning to natural and used it flat-iron my hair. It came out so soft and shiny! First I used it on my skin after my bath last night and my husband could not keep his hands off me saying how good I smelled. You have a very satisfied customer in me. May God bless you for making this stuff. - Rachel M.

​I absolutely LOOOVVEEE whipfinity. it's whiptastic!! NOTHING works in my hair, until now. Finally don't have to worry about the frizz. and my man hands are nice and smooth too. so that's a plus. CONGRATS STEPH!! - Jessieee:)

I am SO in love with this product!! It's absolutely universal for anybody's hair & my clients who have different types of hair comes out with the same result. (: Personally I use it for my hair & as a lotion. Does WONDERS for the skin. ;] *shh. - Jasmine D.

 I LOVE LOVE LOVE the product, my twist outs are very defined when using this product. I also can appreciate the consistency, a little goes a long way! You have me as a customer for life!!! - Mira S.

​I love Whipfinity. It is very unique. The maker, Fayla, is very knowledgeable about ingredients she uses. She demonstrates the highest professionalism with her customers. The product did wonderful on my daughter's natural hair. The scent was pleasant and lite, unlike other products that scent was too strong. I have used it on my mother's hair, that doesn't hold oil well, and didn't make her hair overly greasy. I would honest suggest this product to anyone transitioning to natural hair. Also to anyone with relaxed hair who wants a nice finish to a flat ironed style. Thank you so much... - @tashabobosha

OMG!!!! This stuff is amazing. It leaves my hair super duper soft for the entire week. It also adds a nice sheen to my hair. Love the light citrus smell. Can't wait for more products to launch. - Ronda W.​

Your product is one of the best i've experienced. Love it for my youth's hair. Give thanks for your works - Sista Kerri​

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