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Welcome to ~LAND~ Lovingly And Naturally Designed, home of the incredible Whipfinity! Whipfinity is a Shea butter based Hair & Body whip, enriched with world renowned and rare Argan oil. The other Ultra-nourishing & growth stimulating ingredients are Grapeseed oil,  Avocado oil, Virgin Coconut oil, & Castor oil. It is also infused with calming Rosewater, pH balancing Aloe Vera, & natural Vitamin E (Now with Tea Tree oil for even better results!) This amazingly light but powerful combination of all natural ingredients quenches thirsty hair and skin leaving both ultra moisturized, soft, and supple.

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Shipping Info
Color may vary from batch to batch from white, yellow or tan due to natural color variations inherent in oils and botanicals. Expect slight variations in texture between batches as they are handcrafted. Some batches yield a stiffer cream while others may be less dense. This is not indicative of a formula change and will not
affect Whipfinity's performance. Allow 7-21 Business Days to receive your order, although average turn-around time is 7-10 days. When ordering please be sure that your current address is correct in PayPal. Whatever address you have on file is where your order will be sent. All packages are sent with delivery confirmation. Once it's been confirmed delivered by the USPS, there will be no replacement issued. We cannot be held responsible for stolen mail. When your order is shipped you will receive a confirmation email with the tracking information for your delivery so you can know when to expect it.

Hair Uses:
Whipfinity can be used to style (when flat-ironing it's a heat protectant, & for shine & body), braid & twist (gives a light hold & helps stretch & define curls), to oil the scalp (rub hands together with it & it will "melt"), as a "pre-poo", to moisturize, seal, & to add shine to your hair' Loc grooming, enhancing Waves on short cuts, & beard softening. Because Whipfinity is so gentle it also works very well on children's hair. It is compatible with all hair types (relaxed or natural), and ethnicities.

Skin Use:
To get the most use out of your product we advise you to rub your hands together with it to "melt" it, and simply rub into any area in need of moisture. Your skin will sigh in relief! It works well on chapped lips. It is also helpful with healing scars.

Contact Info:
If you have any questions, please contact us at
info@landofpure.net or www.facebook.com/1LAND
Company Founded 11/26/2011 <3
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